Versace is one of the most Versatile Brand for it’s exquisite collection, furthering the brand’s pursuit of innovation, the Palazzo Empire uses Indiglo technology, with the Palazzo Versace logo on centre emanates from the black dial.

  • Versace
  • Palazzo Empire
  • Original Model – VE2V00322
  • Limited Edition Collection
  • 7AA Premium ETA Quality
  • For Men
  • Specification

– Assured Japanese Stopwatch Quartz ETA Quality movement with One Year Warranty

– Bold appearance with Embossed Versace Monogram Bezel

– The most attractive Black dial with Palazzo Logo and Minute Markers besides Golden Hands

– 100% stainless steel Black Case & Versace Crown with Buttons

– Stainless steel Versace embossed Caseback & 5 Links Golden Bracelet with Original Lock

  • Available @ ₹6900+Shipping 
  • To be packed in Hard Black Box